The mission of Record Moves Dance Co. is to create, share, enrich, and sustain contemporary modern dance with the Dallas - Fort Worth community and beyond.




Record Moves Dance Company (RMDC) was founded on July 24, 2017, by its artistic director of the same name, Erika Record.


CREATE – RMDC is a project-based company that is committed to the continual exploration of movement expression. RMDC values the creative dancemaking process as a vital and vibrant art and aims to consistently make meaningful choreography.          


SHARE – RMDC recognizes the importance of community outreach and is committed to sharing its creative body of work through producing concerts, teaching master classes, and hosting educational workshops. Our goal is to share dance not only within the DFW metroplex, but also on regional, national, and international performance platforms.


ENRICH – RMDC aims to enrich the DFW dance community by abandoning more traditional dancemaking methods and aesthetics. RMDC looks to challenge the audience and performers’ ideas of dance while also providing a rich, artistic experience that exudes cultural, political, and/or social relevance. RMDC endeavors to expose the dance community to riveting, relevant choreography that prompts audiences to better understand themselves and the world around them.


SUSTAIN – RMDC will sustain the DFW dance community by providing artistic contracts for dancers, dancemakers, musicians, and creatives alike. We will do our best to make working with RMDC a professional and viable experience. RMDC represents activism for the arts and will continually communicate the impact and importance of arts education and exposure. Furthermore, RMDC aspires to, one day, funnel financial support into dance education programs.